Candy Cane

2020, I+Desserts
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Pastelería Glea wanted to reinvent its tableware in a special way together with the dish narrative. At Makeat we designed the containers for:

– Olive: the olive oil
– Raspberry: raspberry compote
– Tomatoe: tomato zest and butter roll

“Inspired by the humanist and geometric typefaces used in classic signage, Good Direction Sans is a homage to Avanti’s way-finding history.”
Name, What he do.

The aesthetics and concept in our creations are very important as well as their functionality. Apart from digital design, we make many prototypes for usability and function testing. For the oil vase, various tests were carried out to achieve the most optimal solution to prevent the drops spillage on the surface. Thus, the digitization of our products allows fast changes and constant validations with the client.

All the pieces are varnished Food Safe for a correct use and operation.